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Physiology of the Heart

Physiology of the Heart

5th Revised Edition
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 5. vydání, 2010
Dr. Arnold Katz's internationally acclaimed classic is now in its thoroughly revised Fifth Edition, incorporating the latest molecular biology research and extensively exploring the clinical applications of these findings. In the single authored, expert voice that is this book's unique strength, Dr. Katz provides a comprehensive overview of the physiological and biophysical basis of cardiac function, beginning with structure and proceeding to biochemistry, biophysics, and pathophysiology in arrhythmias, ischemia, and heart failure. Emphasis is on the interrelationships of basic processes among the cell, cardiac muscle function, and the biophysics of contractile and electrical behavior. This edition includes new material on cell signaling and molecular biology.
Detail knihy
kat. č.: 001218
ISBN-13: 9781608311712
jazyk: anglický
stran: 576
vazba: vázaná
rozměry: 185x234 mm
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