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Injectable Drugs Guide

Injectable Drugs Guide

Pharmaceutical Press, 1. vydání, 2011
This is a guide to the important information for safe and effective administration of injectable drugs. This is an A-Z pocket guide of injectable drugs in monograph format including information on: Final concentration of reconstituted solutions; Stability; Periodicity of monitoring; and, Unusual electrolyte, glucose and excipients content. Each monograph includes: Pre-treatment checks, Dose, Preparation and Administration, Technical information (including compatibility), Stability, Further monitoring (blood pressure, glucose etc), and Professional information (undesirable effects, significant interactions, overdose, counselling). The safe administration of drugs by injection is an essential activity that is performed daily in the health care setting. Multiple drug use and drug administration protocols make this increasingly complex and this book aims to give immediate access to the important/key information for safe and effective administration of injectable drugs.
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kat. č.: 001152
ISBN-13: 9780853697879
jazyk: anglický
stran: 544
vazba: brožovaná
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