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Mastering the Techniques of Advanced Phaco Surgery

Mastering the Techniques of Advanced Phaco Surgery

(+2 DVD-ROMs)
Jaypee, 1. vydání, 2008
Table of Contents The History and Evolution of Separate infusion Bimanual Phaco Transitioning from Coaxial to Bimanual Phacoemulsification Evolution of Modern Phaco-surgery in a Freestanding Private Out-patient Center Converting to MICS Phacoemulsification: Equipments and Systems Advances in Sleeveless Microincisional Cataract Surgery Fluidics Behavior in Microphakonit Advances in Fluid Dynamics of Micro-coaxial Incision Surgery IOL Power Calculation Formulas: Current Perspective Bimanual Microcataract Surgery versus Coaxial Microcataract Surgery Pearls of the Capsulorhexis The Architecture of Clear Corneal Incisions Studying Anatomy with Optical Coherence Tomography Phacoemulsification and IOL Implantation without Using Viscoelastics: Clinical Outcome, Endothelial Cell Number Pattern and Intraocular Pressure Advances in Microphakonit: Cataract Surgery with a 0.7 mm Tip Why Trying to Achieve Biaxial Surgery? MICS (Micro-incision Cataract Surgery) INTREPID Micro Coaxial (2.2 mm) System for Safe Phacoemulsification 0.7 Bimanual Microphaco No Ultrasounds Phaco in CLE with Soft Nucleus Pearls of Supracapsular Surgery Using the Tilt and Tumble Technique Torsional Phacoemulsification Atraumatic Small Pupil Phacoemulsification Management of Black Cataract with Phacoemulsification Posterior Polar Cataract Phacoemulsification: A Myth Exploded Laser-tissue Interaction for Phaco Application The Laser Ultrasound Combining Techniques for Phaco Bimanual Microphaco versus Coaxial Miniphaco Minimally Invasive “In the bag” Bimanual Phaco Implantation of a New HOYA-IOL, Y-60H, through a 1.7 mm Corneal Incision Inserting the Capsule in the Lens as a New Approach to Solve PCO Use of Bimanual Microincision Phacoemulsification for Difficult and Challenging Cases Truly Endocapsular MICS (TecMICS) Bimanual Microcataract Surgery in Children Monofocal HOA Free IOL to Correct Secondary Presby-LASIK Intralenticular Locomotor Phacoemulsification: A New Technique Phaco in Superhard Tenacious Cataracts Advances in Materials for Intraocular Lenses Aspheric IOL Technology: Basic Principles and Clinical Application Advances in Intraocular Lenses Technology The New Concept of IOL Multifocality: Gradient Refractive Index Optics Aspheric Intraocular Lenses Presbyopia IOL selection Aspherical Lenses: Which is the Best Compromise between Spherical and Chromatic Aberration and Depth of Focus? Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome: Current Scenario Managing Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome Small Pupil Phaco: An Innovative Technique Eradication of After-Cataract by Posterior Capsulorhexis and Optic Buttonholing Combined with Anterior Capsule Polishing: A Report of 1000 Cases Update on PCO Prevention and Management in MICS Advances in Optic Designs to Reduce PCO Advances in Management of Complications in Bimanual Phaco Modern Phaco in Complicated Cases Optimized NSAIDs and Antibacterial Prophylaxis in Cataract Surgery Advances in Pharmacotherapeutics in Phacoemulsification Management of Endophthalmitis: Current Scenario The Use of High Definition 3D Visualization for Cataract Surgery Advances in Microphakonit for Refractive Lens Exchange (MIRLEX): A New Technique Advances in Cataract Removal Technology Restoration of Accommodation by Capsular Bag Refilling Mini Incision IOL Implantation: Current Scenario Next Generation Phaco Systems Microphakonit in Eyes with Posterior Vitrectomy New Options for Sutureless IOL Implantation in Aphakic Eyes with Lacking Capsule Index
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ISBN-13: 9788184482034
jazyk: anglický
stran: 530
vazba: vázaná
rozměry: 210x270 mm
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