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Mastering the Advanced Surface Ablation Techniques

Mastering the Advanced Surface Ablation Techniques

Jaypee, 1. vydání, 2008
This is a futuristic kind of book on the resurgent advanced surface ablations containing 64 chapters and covers all the known techniques in a comprehensive manner. Leading international refractive surgeons share their experiences in the book and state that ASA is more safe and stable than that of first generation surface ablation performed with excimer laser. A video DVDROM is also provided with the book showing step-by-step ASA surgical techniques by international experts for the benefit of the practicing doctors and viewers. Reviews of the basic science of corneal ablations including biophysics of thermal as well as non-thermal techniques are explained. Corneal laser vision correction is common in so many aspects of medicine and ophthalmology, and on this rapidly growing subject this volume provides instant insights into the current status of surface corneal ablations.
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kat. č.: 000830
ISBN-13: 9788184482188
jazyk: anglický
stran: 570
vazba: vázaná
rozměry: 210x270 mm
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