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Lens Surgery after Previous Refractive Surgery

Lens Surgery after Previous Refractive Surgery

Jaypee, 1. vydání, 2010
This book addresses an increasing need that is confronting ophthalmologists all over the world today, and that is the growing number of previous refractive surgery patients. A unique contribution by internationally recognized leaders to address all aspects of lens-based surgery on previous refractive patients, including issues surrounding when to intervene, biometry, considerations for the surgical procedure itself, lens choices, management of complications, and views into the future. The text represents an excellent opportunity for ophthalmologists to experience increased satisfaction from their practices, improve the financial health of their practices, and feel the gratitude of patients for the enhanced quality of their lives. Presents the problem in a comprehensive way so that the ophthalmic surgeon in private practice would find answers to the common questions like: When is the right time to replace the lens in an eye that had refractive lens surgery before hand? How do we do it? What are the pitfalls? How to avoid complications? How do we perform correct IOL power calculation in eyes developing cataract after earlier refractive corneal surgery? And finally outcomes of different approaches and future developments have been discussed. Also includes a chapter by Kezirian and Waring on the opposite topic; laser surgery after intraocular implants and answer the questions by bringing together the expertise of Internationally well-known specialists in the field. Contains the knowledge of the physicistsof the pioneers who developed the first formulasand of the surgeons in daily practice who are handling over the practical tools in the section of IOL Power Calculation. In the section of Decision Making, top surgeons gave their advice and personal approach. In the section of The Surgery, experienced surgeons gave some pearls when starting surgery in eyes that had refractive surgery earlier.
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kat. č.: 000822
ISBN-13: 9789380704647
jazyk: anglický
stran: 236
vazba: vázaná
rozměry: 216x278 mm
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