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Gynecology Drug Handbook

Gynecology Drug Handbook

Jaypee, 2. vydání, 2008
Contents Section I : Medical TREATMENT OF MENSTRUAL DISORDERS : 1. Drugs for Treatment of Primary Amenorrhoea 2. Drugs for Treatment of Secondary Amenorrhoea : i. Medical Treatment of Some 'Specific' Causes of Secondary Amenorrhoea : a. Post 'pill' Amenorrhoea b. Lactational Amenorrhoea c. Amenorrhoea Following Depo-progestin Contraceptive inj d. Premature Menopause e. Resistant Ovary Syndrome f. Sheehan's Syndrome ii. Causes of Secondary Amenorrhoea 'Common with Primary Amenorrhoea' and their Medical Management iii. Medical Management of Non-organic Causes of Secondary Amenorrhoea iv. Causes of Secondary Amenorrhoea Which Cannot be Treated by Drugs 3. Drugs for Infrequent Menstruation 4. Drugs for Treatment of Puberty Menorrhagia/DUB 5. Drugs for Treatment of Menorrhagia in a Rreproductive Age Group/DUB 6. Drugs for Controlling Acute' Uterine Bleeding in a Non-pregnant Woman (Including that for DUB) 7. Drugs for Scanty Menstruation 8. Drugs for Intermenstrual Bleeding 9. Drugs for Dysmenorrhoea 10. Drugs for Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) 11. Drugs for Menstrual Migraine 12. Drugs for Postponement of Menstruation Section II : MEDICAL TREATMENT OF Female Infertility : 13. Drugs for Induction of Ovulation 14. Management of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) 15. Clinical Methods of Monitoring Ovulation 16. Drugs for Cervical Mucus Hostility 17. Drugs for Luteal Phase Defect (LPD) 18. Management of Unruptured Luteinised Follicle 19. Management of Unexplained Infertility 20. Medical Treatment of PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) Section III : MEDICAL TREATMENT OF MALE INFERTILITY : 21. Drugs for Treatment of Poor Semen Profile 22. Medical Treatment of Male Coital Problems Section IV : PRESCRIBING FOR PROBLEMS DURING FIRST AND SECOND TRIMESTER OF Pregnancy : 23. Prescribing for Threatened and Recurrent Abortion 24. Medical Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy 25. Drugs for Induction of Missed Abortion 26. Medical Management of Septic Abortion 27. Drugs for Septic Shock, Endotoxic Shock and Septicaemia 28. Prophylactic Chemotherapy After Evacuation of Hydatidiform Mole 29. Medical Treatment of Postmolar Syndrome Section V : DRUGS FOR MEDICAL TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY : 30. First Trimester Abortion (MTP) by Medicine Alone 31. Drugs for Induction of Second Trimester Abortion MTP (upto 20 weeks) Section VI : DRUGS USED FOR ENDOCRINOLOGICAL DISORDERS AFFECTING Gynaecological Health : 32. Drugs for Anorexia Nervosa 33. Drugs for Hirsutism 34. Treatment of Hyperprolactinaemia 35. Treatment of Galactorrhoea 36. Treatment of Adrenal Hyperplasia 37. Drugs for Hypogonadotrophic Hypogonadism (Management of Cases of Low FSH and LH) 38. Drugs to be used for Treatment of Turner's Syndrome (or for any other case of Gonadal Agenesis) 39. Drugs Used for Various Common Stimulation, Suppression and Challenge Tests and their Procedure Section VII : MEDICAL MANAGEMENT OF VARIOUS BENIGN UTERINE PATHOLOGIES : 40. Medical Management of Fibroid 41. Medical Management of Benign Endometrial Hyperplasia (BEH) on Histopathology Report 42. Medical Management of 'Atypical' Endometrial Hyperplasia on Histopathology Report 43. Drugs to be Used After Division of Uterine Synechiae (Asherman's Syndrome) Section VIII : DRUGS FOR Miscellaneous PAINFUL GYNAECOLOGICAL CONDITIONS (INCLUDING ENDOMETRIOSIS) : 44. Current Medical Treatment of Endometriosis 45. Prescribing for Low Backache (LBA) 46. Medical Management of Dyspareunia 47. Management of Mastalgia Section IX : DRUGS FOR GENITAL SEPSIS : 48. Choice of Drugs for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease-PID 49. Drugs for Syphilis 50. Drugs for Gonorrhoea 51. Drugs for Chlamydial Infection (Urethritis, Cervicitis and PID) 52. Drugs for Hiv Infection 53. Chemoprophylaxis and Management of Occupational Transmission of HIV to Doctors and Other Health Workers 54. Drug Regime for Genital Tuberculosis Section X : DRUGS FOR VULVOVAGINAL PROBLEMS : 55. Medical Management of White Discharge PV-Mass Rapid Therapy (MRT)/Syndromic Approach 56. Treatment of Monilial Vulvovaginitis 57. Treatment of Trichomonas Vaginitis 58. Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis 59. Drugs for Intractable 'Non-specific' Vaginitis 60. Management of Vulvovaginitis in a Girl of Paediatric Age Group 61. Medical Management of Pruritus Vulva 62. Drugs for Vulval Dystrophy 63. Medical Treatment of Vulval Intraepithelial Neoplasia (VIN) 64. Treatment of Vulval Ulcer 65. Drugs for Vulval Warts 66. Treatment of Boils and Faruncles of Vulva 67. Drugs for Herpes Genitalis 68. Drugs for Atrophic/senile Vaginitis 69. Drugs for Treatment of Unexplained Vulval Discomfort and/or Dryness and/or Rain (Vulvodynia) 70. Drugs for Common Skin Diseases that may affect Inguinal and Vulval Region (e.g. Ringworm, Scabies and Pediculosis) 71. Medical Treatment of Fused Labia in a Girl Child 72. Scope and Drugs for Vaginal Douching Section XI : DRUGS USED FOR VARIOUS URO-GYNAECOLOG1CAL PROBLEMS : 73. Medical Management of Urgency of Micturition and Urge Incontinence 74. Medical Management of Urethral Syndrome 75. Drugs for Nocruria, Nocturnal Enuresis and Intractable Frequency 76. Medical Management of Stress Incontinence 77. Coital and Orgasmal Incontinence 78. Bladder Pain 79. Management of Interstitial Cystitis (Hunner's Ulcer) 80. Drugs for Postoperative Retention of Urine 81. Drugs for Urinary Fistula 82. Non-drug Measures for Various Uro-gynaecological Problems 83. Management of Long-term Indwelling Catheter and Scope of Bladder Wash 84. Choice of Drugs for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Section XII : DRUGS FOR PROBLEMS OF Menopause : 85. Hormonal Drugs for Management of Menopause 86. Non-hormonal Drugs for Management of Menopause and Alternative Medicines for Menopausal Symptoms 87. Management of Menopause by Life-style Modification 88. Topical Oestrogen 89. Antibiotic Cover for Pyometra Section XIII : PRESCRIBING CONTRACEPTION : 90. Combination Oral Contraceptive pill (COC/OCP) 91. Progestogen Only Contraceptives : i. Tablet (Mini Pill/POP) ii. Injection 92. Vaginal Contraceptives 93. Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) 94. Weekly Pill-Centchroman 95. Transdermal Contraceptive Patch 96. Emergency Post-coital Contraception (Morning After Pill) Section XIV : MEDICAL Oncology FOR GYNAECOLOGICAL Cancer : 97. Chemotherapy for Endometrial Cancer 98. Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer 99. Chemotherapy for Choriocarcinoma 100. Chemotherapy for Cancer of Cervix and Vaccine for Prevention of Cancer Cervix 101. Drugs for Management of Cancer Pain Section XV : DRUGS USED FOR PREOPERATIVE PREPARATION, WOUND CLOSURE AND POSTOPERATIVE CARE : 102. One Shot Preoperative Prophylactic Antibiotic 103. Preoperative Preparation : Some Aspects : i. Tetanus Prophylaxis ii. Drugs for Routine Preoperative Vaginal Preparation iii. Correction of Anaemia 104. Drugs for Control of Intractable Oozing during an Operation 105. New Drugs for Wound Care : i. Drugs for Wound Closure (Glue) ii. Drugs for Prevention of Adhesion iii. Drugs for Faster Wound Healing 106. Postoperative Analgesia 107. Chemicals Used for Various Endoscopic and Other Special Gynaecological Procedures like-Colposcopy, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Hydrorubation and Hysterosalpingography 108. Intravenous Solutions : i. Plasma Volume Expanders ii. Amino-acid Solution Section XVI : INVESTIGATIVE BACK-UP FOR USE OF HORMONES : 109. Normal Serum Values of Sex Hormones and Other Related Hormones in Adult Non-pregnant female Section XVII : 110. Alternative Medicine Drug Finder Preface The first edition has been a great hit and I am grateful to all for this. Yes, every line of this book has been critically revised and every reference has been replaced by the latest. Dear Raz (my wife), Meeca and Warsha (my two daughters) my official apology for troubling you so much for the preparation of this book. Let me conclude with this universal 'mantra' of all Gynaecologists. So that flowers remain flowers, remain flowers, remain flowers at ease, at will, at pleasure Oh let us let us.
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