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Sociology for Graduate Nurses

Sociology for Graduate Nurses

Jaypee, 1. vydání, 2009
1. Introduction to Sociology Definition of sociology Nature and scope of the discipline Importance and application of sociology in nursing 2. Individual and Society Society and community Nature of society Differences between society and community Processes of socialization and individualization Personal disorganization 3. Culture Nature of culture Evolution of culture Diversity and uniformity of culture Culture and socialization Trans cultural society Influence on health and disease 4. Social Groups and Processes or Social Interaction The meaning and classification of groups Primary and secondary groups In-group V/s out-group, class, tribe and caste Economic, political, religions, group, mob, crowd, public and audience, interaction and social process Cooperation, competition, conflict Accommodation, assimilation and isolation 5. Population Society and population Population distribution in India: Demographic characteristics Malthusian theory of population Population explosion in India and its impact on health status Family welfare programs 6. Family and Marriage Family functions Types, joint, nuclear, blended, extended Family characteristics The modern family: Changes, problems, dowry, etc. 7. Social Stratification Meaning and types of social stratification The Indian caste system: Origin and features Features of caste in India today Social class system and status Social mobility: Meaning and types Race as a biological concept: Criteria of racial classification Salient features of primary races: Racism Influences of class, caste and races on health and health practices 8. Types of Communities in India (Rural, Urban and Regional) Features of village community and characteristics of Indian villages: Panchayat system, social dynamics Community development project and planning changes in Indian rural life Availability of health facilities in rural and its impact on health and health practices Urban community features The growth of cities: Urbanization and its impact on health and health practices Major urban problems: Urban slums Region: Problems and impact on health 9. Social Changes Nature and process of social change Factors influencing social change, cultural change, cultural lag Introduction to theories of social change, linear, cyclical, Marxian, functional Role of nurse: Change agent 10. Social Organization and Social System Social organization: Elements and types Democratic and authoritarian modes of participants Voluntary association Social system: Definition and types of social system Role and status as structural elements of social system Interrelationship of institutions 11. Social Control Nature and process of social control Political, legal, religious, educational, economic industrial and technological systems Norms and values: Folkways, mores, customs, laws and fashion Role of nurses 12. Social Problems Social disorganization Control and planning: Poverty, housing, illiteracy, food supplies, prostitution, rights of women and children, vulnerable groups Elderly, handicapped, minority groups and other marginalized groups, child labor, child abuse, delinquency and crime, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS Social welfare programs in India Role of Nurse.
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