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Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical Surgical Nursing

2nd Edition
Jaypee, 2. vydání, 2008
This book provides students of nursing profession with solid foundation for taking care of patients in the community. The author made all possible efforts towards this in simple and effective language. He has provided extensive treatment of the subject in a very lucid and cogent manner, so that students can grasp the subject very clearly and completely. It covers all the areas specified by the Nursing Councils, Universities and Boards of Nursing that are imparting Diplomas and Degrees in Nursing. BT Basavanthappa, recently retired from Government service as Professor and Principal of the Government College of Nursing, Bengaluru. He has vast experience in Bedside Nursing, i.e., he worked as a staff nurse for 16 years at District McGann Hospital, Shimoga. He did BSc Nursing (Post-Certificate) from the same college (1978), and obtained Masters degree in Nursing from Rajkumar Amrit Kaur College of Nursing, New Delhi (1988). In 1994, Bangalore University conferred on him Doctoral Degree in Nursing. With this he is the FIRST PERSON in the state of KARNATAKA, who earned and awarded PhD in Nursing. Now, he is Consultant and Professor of reputed college of Nursing, Bengaluru, Karnataka. With over 35 years of service as a bedside nurse and as an academician, Dr BT Basavanthappa has taught all the areas of Nursing in UG and PG Courses of Nursing. He is a recognised PhD guide by the Indian Nursing Council and Indian Universities. He has served at Universities in various capacities and his professional development and contributions are well documented at the local, national and global levels. He also held various positions in Associations like GNAK, TNAI, etc. and also Karnataka State Government Employees Association. At present, he is the President of RGUHS Nursing Teachers Association, Karnataka. He takes it as a matter of pride to shoulder any responsibility in the interest of Nursing Profession. He has been a recipient of many prestigious awards for his excellence. 1. Brief History of Medicine and Nursing in India 2. Nursing Process Application 3. Common Problems of Adult Patient 4. Human Genetics and Genomic Nursing 5. Immunological Problems and Nursing 6. Perioperative Nursing 7. Critical Care Nursing 8. Oncological Nursing 9. Respiratory Nursing 10. Gastrointestinal Nursing 11. Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Nursing 12. Cardiovascular Nursing 13. Orthopedic Nursing 14. Neurological Nursing 15. Hematological Nursing 16. Endocrinological Nursing 17. Urological and Renal Nursing (Renourological) 18. Reproductive Health Nursing 19. Dermatological Nursing or Integumentary Nursing20. Ophthalmic and Otologic Nursing 21. Organ Transplantation and Nursing 22. Nursing the Poisoned Client.
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kat. č.: 000702
ISBN-13: 9788184486353
jazyk: anglický
stran: 1328
vazba: brožovaná
rozměry: 216x279 mm
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