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Basic Concepts of Community Health Nursing

Basic Concepts of Community Health Nursing

2nd Edition
Jaypee, 2. vydání, 2009
Salient Features: Fully revised and updated, Concise, simplified and easy to use, Completely syllabus oriented text, Student-teacher friendly approach, The community nursing skills based approach, Holistic approach includes growth and development, geriatrics and rehabilitation, Research-oriented nursing approach, Examination-oriented aspectsRGUHS question papers, Community-based administration and management approach. I Clement is working as a Principal in VSS College of Nursing, Bengaluru. He is highly qualified, dedicated and creative personality in the nursing profession. He has wide experience and knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects in nursing. Through this book he has provided the most valuable, essential aspects and approach to the nursing community. He has organized various conferences, workshop, seminars and state level cultural meets. He has presented and participated in various scientific paper presentations at state, national and international levels. He holds membership in various organizations such as nursing, educational, cultural and voluntary health. 1. Introduction to Community Health Nursing 2. Health and Illness 3. Historogenesis of Health Services in India 4. Health for All and Primary Health Care 5. Environmental Health 6. Community Health Aspects of Nutrition 7. Epidemiology in Community Health Nursing 8. Health Education 9. Personal and Mental Health Maintenance 10. Community Health Nursing Process 11. Records and Reports in Community Health Nursing 12. Family Health Care 13. Reproductive Health and Child Health Services 14. Family Welfare Services 15. Health Administration in India 16. Health Planning in India 17. International Health Agencies 18. Voluntary Health Agencies in India19. Staff Management and Development in Community Health Nursing 20. School Health Services 21. Occupational Health Services 22. Community Mental Health Services 23. Nursing and Disaster 24. Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases 25. Community Health Nursing Procedures 26. Community Standing Orders 27. Growth and Development 28. Theories of Growth and Development 29. Health and Vital Statistics 30. Nursing Research
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kat. č.: 000676
ISBN-13: 9788184485455
jazyk: anglický
stran: 634
vazba: brožovaná
rozměry: 183x241 mm
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