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Principles and Practice of Public Health Dentistry

Principles and Practice of Public Health Dentistry

Jaypee, 1. vydání, 2008
Salient Features: A comprehensive yet brief book on the vast subject of Public Health Dentistry, Gives a clear, logical step-by-step approach in the textbook, a fresh and clear perspective of the various topics, Provides solid foundation of the various principles and methods of practice of Public Health Dentistry, Deals with adequate detail and scientific rigor and efforts are made to easily understand the topics, Covers certain special topics such as Forensic Dentistry, Dental Anthropology and Evidence-based Dental Research., Useful for dental undergraduate and postgraduate students with due consideration of the new DCI syllabus and expanding knowledge base of the subject, Madhusudan Krishna and Pralhad L Dasar are currently Associate Professors in Public Health Dentistry. They have presented and published numerous scientific articles at both the national and international levels. They have also authored the acclaimed MCQs on Preventive and Community Dentistry. Part 1: PRINCIPLES, Section 1: Public Health, 2. Health and Disease, Environment and Public Health, 4. Health Care and Health Administration in India, Section 2: Epidemiology, 5. General Principles and Methods of Epidemiology, 6. Dental Epidemiology and Etiology of Oral Diseases, Section 3: Health Research Methodology, 8. Dental Research Methodology, 9. Evidence-based Dental Research, 10. Computers in Dentistry, PART 2: PRACTICE, Section 4: Dental Public Health, 11. Concept of Dental Public Health, 12. Planning and Evaluation of Dental Public Health Programs, 13. Dental Care Payment System, 14. Dental Manpower, 15. Dental Ethics, 16. Dental Health Education, 17. School Dental Health Education, 18. Atraumatic Restorative Treatment, Section 5: Preventive Dentistry, 19. Concept of Preventive Dentistry, 20. Oral Health Promotion, 21. Prevention of Dental Diseases, 22. Fluorides in Preventive Dentistry, 23. Pit and Fissure Sealants, 24. Plaque Control, 25. Dental Caries Vaccines, Section 6: Behavioral Sciences, 26. Sociology and Oral Health, 27. Dental Anthropology, Section 7: Health Agencies, 28. International Health Agencies, 29. Global Oral Health Goal for 2020, 30. Dental Council of India and Indian Dental Association, Unit 8: Miscellaneous Topics, 31. Caries Activity and Susceptibility Tests, 32. Forensic Dentistry and Case Studies in Dental Anthropology, 33. Primary Oral Health Care Approach, 34. Dentist Act-1948, 35. Nutrition and Oral Health.
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kat. č.: 000617
ISBN-13: 9788184488357
jazyk: anglický
stran: 576
vazba: brožovaná
rozměry: 188x246 mm
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