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Color Atlas of Patophysiology

Color Atlas of Patophysiology

2nd Edition
Thieme, 2. vydání, 2010

Concise and packed with instructive detail, the second edition of this bestselling full-color atlas is the ideal choice for students. It includes the latest scientific knowledge about molecular and genetic causes of disease and promising new therapies. Each two-page color spread shows the causal relationships between disturbances of physiologic processes and explains the resulting malfunction and illness. Color illustrations carry the reader through sections on temperature and energy, blood, respiration, the kidney, the digestive system, the heart and circulation, metabolism, hormones, and the neuromuscular and sensory system. Throughout the book, the authors provide brief informational nuggets that review basic physiology. Features of the second edition:
- New and timely information on adult respiratory distress syndrome, hyperoxia, oxidative stress, polycystic kidney disease, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, metabolic syndrome, copper metabolism and Wilson’s Disease, and disproteinemas -190 full-color illustrations - clearly organized and systematically color-coded - that clarify complex relationships -Thorough coverage of abnormalities of intercellular signal transmission, aging and life expectancy, pathophysiology of bone, and heart failure, and more -Highlighting of key words and paragraphs for easy navigation
- The second edition of Color Atlas of Pathophysiology is an essential companion for students during their clinical studies, both as a study tool and as a key reference. It also serves as a handy refresher for clinicians and allied health professionals.

Detail knihy
kat. č.: 000385
ISBN-13: 978-3-13-116552-7
ISBN-10: 3-13-116552-9
EAN: 9783131165527
jazyk: anglický
stran: 448
vazba: brožovaná
rozměry: 125x190 mm
barva: barevná
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