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TNM Atlas

TNM Atlas

Illustrated Guide to the TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours, Fifth Edition
Wiley, 5. vydání, 2005
This atlas is the fifth edition of an illustrated guide to the TNM classification of malignant tumors. The book is well illustrated and contains numerous drawings of anatomical sites and subsites with a step-by-step approach to the description of the anatomical extent of disease based on assessment of three components -- the extent of primary tumor (T), the absence or presence and extent of regional lymph node metastasis (N), and the absence or presence of distant metastasis (M). Purpose:This is intended as a manual for oncologists who use TNM classification in planning treatment, estimating prognosis, and evaluating treatment results. The authors have reached their stated goals.

It will be useful to clinicians in various specialties as well as to pathologists. Oncologists will probably find it most useful, but it is also very valuable for surgeons and other clinicians. It will be extremely useful for practicing pathologists, surgical pathology fellows, and pathology residents in everyday work. Medical students, during rotation in pathology, surgery, and oncology will also find it useful.

The fifth edition covers all the anatomical sites of oncological surgical pathology: head and neck tumors, digestive system tumors, lung and pleural tumors, tumors of bone and soft tissues, skin tumors, breast tumors, gynecological tumors, urological tumors, and ophthalmic tumors as well as classification of Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphomas. Substantial changes and modifications have been made to this edition. Each anatomic siteis described under five headings:
- anatomy (drawings of the anatomical sites are presented with appropriate ICD-O topography numbers)
- regional lymph nodes (regional lymph nodes are listed and shown in drawings)
- T/pT Clinical and Pathological Classification of the Primary Tumor
- N/pN Clinical and Pathological Classification of Regional Lymph Nodes
- M/pM Clinical and Pathological Classification of Distant Metastasis.
The book is comprehensively illustrated and all illustrations are excellent and extremely helpful in understanding the extension of specific tumors. Tables at the end of each section that summarize key features of all T, N and M stages are valuable for quick reference in everyday practice.

This is a unique book that should be widely distributed to departmental and hospital libraries. The simple, understandable, and systematic approach is the key feature of this atlas. It is a must have book for everybody who uses TNM in the classification of malignant tumors, both as a helpful tool in determining the extent of malignant disease and as a quick reference.
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