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Introduction to Bioinformatics

Introduction to Bioinformatics

Benjamin Cummings, 1. vydání, 2001
Bioinformatics, the application of computers in biological sciences and especially analysis of biological sequence data, is becoming an essential tool in molecular biology as genome projects generate vast quantities of data. With new sequences being added to DNA databases, on average, once a minute, there is a pressing need to convert this information into biochemical and biophysical knowledge by deciphering the structural, functional and evolutionary clues encoded in the language of biological sequences.

The unique combination of this timely text and its linked World Wide Web site provide an ideal guide to bioinformatics for newcomers to the field, focusing on two key areas; genomic and protein sequence analysis. The text begins by introducing the most popular databases (protein and nucleic acid), information resources and analysis methods (sequence alignment and pattern recognition) currently available providing the basis for readers to progress to hands-on practical sequence analysis. Chapter 9 then provides a tutorial directly linked to a real application, in the form of an internationally acclaimed interactive bioinformatics practical on the World Wide Web.

The authors aim to encourage a thoughtful approach to sequence analysis and emphasise underlying concepts since, in this rapidly developing area, the specifics will change very quickly.

- Unique guide to bioinformatics linked to an interactive practical on the World Wide Web
- Introduces key databases, tools and resources and outlines pitfalls of methods
- The Web link provides an excellent opportunity to integrate conventional and Web-based publishing, allowinginteractive exploration of concepts discussed in the book

- Clear two-colour diagrams with full-colour counterparts available on the Web site
- Includes numerous Further Reading suggestions, Web references and a useful Glossary

Dr Teresa K Attwood is a Royal Society University Research fellow and Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Manchester, UK, Visiting Fellow at the European Bioinformatics Institute and author and curator of the PRINTS protein fingerprint database.

Dr David J Parry-Smith is Informatics Director at Cambridge Drug Discovery Limited, Cambridge, UK, with main interests in algorithm development

Introduction to Bioinformatics provides an undergraduate (final year) and MSc level introduction to bioinformatics but will be helpful to beginners at all stages, whether in academia or industry.
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