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Fundamentals of Operative Techniques in Neurosurgery

Fundamentals of Operative Techniques in Neurosurgery

Thieme, 1. vydání, 2002
The ideal surgical companion to Greenberg's Handbook of Neurosurgery, this portable guide offers descriptions of all the major operative procedures encountered in the practice of neurosurgery. Covering every aspect of the field from supplies to procedural steps, the book features hundreds of illustrations and tables highlighting indications, prerequisite imaging studies, operating room set-up, and more! This book is a must for residents studying for boards or in need of a quick reference in their daily practice.
Detail knihy
kat. č.: 000225
ISBN-13: 865778361
ISBN-10: 9780865778368
EAN: 9780865778368
jazyk: anglický
stran: 1049
vazba: brožovaná
rozměry: 130x200 mm
barva: barevná, 136 ilustrací
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